FWO License Form

FAQs about Licensing Our Music

While we focus on so-called “Sync Licensing,” we handle a wide range of licenses for including, but not limited to these uses. We strongly recommend you take a look at Licensing Guide page as well to understand the basics of music licensing.

– Synchronization Uses –

TV Programming (Shows, Documentaries, Dramas, News, etc.)
TV Advertising Campaigns (Commercials)
Film Trailers & TV Promos
Corporate Productions (Theater, Competition Video/Slide, etc)
Video Games and Software
Internet Websites, Webisodes, Flash
Products and Toys
Video Packages (Music for Video, DVD or CD-ROM)

– Non-synchronization Uses –

Radio Programming and Advertising Campaigns (Commercials)
Audio Projects
Music Compilation (CD, PC Audio)
Public Space (Live Events, Restaurants, Trade Shows, Retail Spaces)
Ringtones (Master/Pre-Recorded Ringtones)

Yes. All the tracks in our catalog have been registered to PRO/MRO regarding performing and mechanical rights. We Model Electronic own their master rights as well. We provide a one-stop resource so that we could serve your musical needs quickly and bring you a hassle-free license deal.

If your request involves a performance license such as a broadcasting use, you will need to submit a report/cue sheet and pay (or have someone pay) appropriate performing royalties. But don’t worry, we understand nuts and bolts of music licensing and could address the specific needs of your project.

Yes. Regardless of whether you advertise something in your video or not, monetizing through your video on video sharing websites such as Youtube and Twitch TV is supposed to be regarded as a profit-earning use, i.e. commercial use/license. You are required to contact us via License Form to obtain a license to use our music and pay the license fee. Please note that we don’t grant any license to use our pre-released tracks for a project whose music budget is very low (such as less than $100). Thanks for your understanding.

Unfortunately, our music license is not available for non-commercial, non-profit videos, and personal/private or student productions on any media. We handle only commercial licenses with a certain amount of budget. Please note that we don’t provide anyone formal authorization to use our music for free. When it comes to using our music for your “monetized (ad-driven)” Youtube videos, please refer to the Q3.

Any inquiries for these non-commercial uses will not be answered since we don’t have the resources to reply to all of them. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes. We can meet your needs by providing additional production and custom edits of our pre-existing tracks, but it would charge you extra fees in addition to the basic license fees. As we already have a lot of alternative mixes and edits/stems of our music, we will try to find out how we could do with them lest it should exceed the capacity of your budget.

As written on the Contact page, we don’t have a plan to hire outside composers at the moment.

As license fees vary according to how you use our music, we concluded that generalizing license rates and automating licensing process too much could work against our goal. We do not aim at being a “music delivery service” nor a “supermarket of music licensing” just to achieve as many placements as possible. Our priority is to offer a quality music licensing service with which we can discuss your needs, provide appropriate music at appropriate rates, and build a long-term relationship with our clients.

o avoid the complexity and possible troubles of sampling clearance and agreements, we basically don’t permit other artists to sample our master recordings for their new works (unless they work with experienced A&Rs and attorneys that can address the legal process and payment responsibly). This includes derivative works/acts such as singing or rapping a new song on any part of our masters, of course.

Please understand it and look for other easy-to-clear sampling sources. Thanks for your interest!

Reference: “When You Need Permission to Sample Others’ Music” (Nolo)

Feel free to ask us via the form below. We would appreciate your interest. Please note that we are not seeking (sub-)publishing deal and an exclusive representation.