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Music First

2 Vinyl albums fronm the 80-ies

Recently available on double-CD and this summer 2023 on vinyl)

Mission Completed

Turning Point

Mission Completed
Turning Point Sleeve Artwork

CD – Regenerated

CD sleeve - Regenerated

Download Only Albums

Hidden Files


Oceans of Infinity

Pictures at an Exhibition

CD sleeve - Hidden Files V2
Organized sleeve
Oceans of Infinity sleeve
Pictures at an Exhibition

These albums will be available on CD in 2023

Two 80-ies albums on double CD

+14 bonus tracks never released before

Release date: 10 december 2022

MC & TP XL - Digisleeve folded


Futureworld Orchestra was founded in 1980 by Robert Pot and Gerto Heupink, who both had a keen interest in synthesiser technology. After several months of experimentation, they decided to contact a Dutch record company (Dureco) to eventually release their music. The first recording session consisted of the songs: Desire, I’m not afraid of the future, Airborne and Casablanca Night. Desire was the first single to be released in October 1981 and immediately became a Dutch hit. There was immediate interest from all over Europe and international releases quickly followed. In Spain and Italy in particular, Future World Orchestra became very well known.


Robert Pot was born in Nijverdal, a quiet village in the country of the Netherlands. From the age of 14, he began to develop a great fondness for symphonic-oriented rock music.
Groups like: Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and later Camel, Asia and UK, became his favourites, in addition Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson became his biggest inspirations.

Keyboards is a key word in Robert’s musical life. At the age of 16, Robert bought his first keyboard, an organ built by a neighbour. As an electronics student, he soon began modifying the keyboard to develop his own unique sounds. He realised that synthesisers had a great future and would create a whole new outlook on music making. By delivering newspapers and working as a DJ in local nightclubs in his spare time, Robert earned the money he invested in the latest synthesisers and recording equipment. A few years later, he had expanded his equipment to the level of a professional recording studio, where he started recording his first compositions. In 1980, Robert met Gerto Heupink who was also working with synthesisers and recording equipment and…Future World Orchestra was born. Unfortunately, partly due to the global economic depression in the recording industry, FWO stopped making joint recordings in 1987. However, Robert continued solo and changed the name Future World Orchestra to Futureworld Orchestra.


One of Robert’s highlights, is his collaboration with Rob and Ferdi Bolland that resulted in the realisation of: Darwin – The Evolution, an album of international stature. Not least because of his collaboration with: Colin Blunstone (Zombies, Allan Parson’s Project), Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), (the late) Falco (Rock me Amadeus) and Barclay James Harvest and Suzi Quattro.


Robert on flight to Key West Florida.

Besides making music, Robert was a dedicated Instrument Rated Private Pilot. In 2001, he began flight training in Florida (USA) and has since completed hundreds of flight hours.

Robert on flight to Key West Florida.

Did you know that ….. in 2013 Robert escaped a serious accident during a flight over Ft. Pierce Florida, while performing the “after take-off checklist”, as he passed 1000 feet, what later turned out to be the cylinder head exploded, causing severe vibration. Landing with 15 knots of tailwind, he landed only halfway down the runway, barely able to come to a stop in time for the end of the runway. Eventually he was able to clear the runway and parked the plane in a wide spot on the taxiway in consultation with air traffic control.

Robert afterwards: “Well, in the end, this was actually my best flying lesson ever!”

Futureworld Orchestra released the following:

  • 2 vinyl Albums – Mission Completed (1982) & Turning Point (1983)
  • 6 Singles – Desire, I’m not afraid of the future, E.T., Roulette, Don’t go and S.O.S. Here my Call
  • A number of special releases outside Holland
  • CD Album: The Best of Future World Orchestra (1986)
  • CD Album: Hidden Files (2000)
  • CD Album: Regenerated (2010)
  • 4 “Download Only” Albums: Hidden Files V2, Organized, Oceans of Inifinity, Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Dubbel CD Album: Mission Completed XL & Turning Point XL (2022)

For more detailed information and listening opportunities please visit: Discography

After 40 years

FIRST TIME RELEASE of the 2 famous FUTURE WORLD ORCHESTRA eighties albums on one amazing DOUBLE CD. Mission Completed XL & TurningPoint XL with hits like: “Desire”, “I’m not afraid of the future”, “Theme from E.T.” en “Roulette”.

The XL represents the 14 bonus tracks that bring the total time to over 157 minutes of music and the total number of tracks to a whopping 35.

With the release of the 2 80s albums in December 2022, a new horizon immediately appears. Indeed, in January 2023, Futureworld Orchestra will release a brand new album featuring exclusively instrumental work.
This album whose working title reads: TO THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE, can be labelled as a true synth album. Later that year, a more “rock” oriented album will be released and Robert will collaborate with other artists.


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