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Robert – The Creator of Futureworld Orchestra


Robert Pot hails from the tranquil village of Nijverdal, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Holland. At the tender age of 14, his passion for symphonic-oriented rock music began to blossom and flourish.

It was the enchanting melodies of legendary bands such as Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and later on, Camel, Asia, and UK, that captured his heart and became his firm favorites. Moreover, the musical prowess of luminaries like Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman, and Keith Emerson served as his ultimate sources of inspiration.


Keyboards is a keyword in Roberts musical life. At the age of 16 Robert bought his first keyboard, an organ build by a neighbor. As a student electronics he soon began to modify the keyboard to develop his own, unique sounds. He realized that synthesizers had a great future and were to create a brand new view on making music. By delivering newspapers and to work as a DJ in local discotheques in his spare time, Robert earned the money he invested in the newest synthesizers and recording equipment. A few years later he had expanded his equipment at a level of a professional recording-studio, where he started to record his first compositions. In 1980 Robert met Gerto Heupink who also worked with synthesizers and recording-equipment and…Future World Orchestra was born. With Future World Orchestra or short FWO, in the period from 1982 to 1985, scored several European hits, like: Desire, I’m not afraid of the Future, Theme from E.T. and Roulette. Also because of the world-wide economic depression in the recording-industry, FWO, unfortunately stopped recording together in 1987, although Robert continued solo with FWO.

Robert Pot
Robert during one of the rare live performances in Oldenzaal Netherlands

Robert, more a studio musician than a live-performer, maintained his effort, to keep writing and recording despite some major setbacks in his personal life. Until now, Robert has developed himself further and now has written many musical works for radio and television productions.
One of Roberts highlights, is his collaboration with Rob and Ferdi Bolland which resulted in the realization of: Darwin – The Evolution, a CD with an international style. Not in the least because of the collaboration with: Colin Blunstone (Zombies, Allan Parson’s Project), Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), (late) Falco (Rock me Amadeus) and Barclay James Harvest and Suzi Quattro.

In 2000 Robert released: The Hidden Files, an instrumental (synthesizer) album, containing own written and produced tracks, similar to: Alan Parsons Project, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.

Robert on flight to Key West Florida.
Robert on flight to Key West Florida.

Besides making music, Robert is a dedicated Instrument Rated Private Pilot. In 2001 he started flight training in Florida (USA) and has accumulated several hundreds of flying hours.

Did you know….. in 2013 Robert escaped a serious accident flying over Ft. Pierce Florida, while performing the “after take-off checklist”, passing 1000 feet, the engine kind of exploded. Landing with 15 knots tail wind he touched down half way the runway, hardly able to come to a full stop in time. Robert eventually was able to clear the runway and parked the plane on the side of the taxiway.

Robert: “Well, in the end it was my best flying lesson ever!”

Keyboards have been the cornerstone of Robert’s musical journey, shaping his artistic path in profound ways. At the tender age of 16, Robert embarked on a remarkable journey by acquiring his first keyboard—an organ crafted by a skilled neighbor. As an electronics student, he wasted no time in tinkering and modifying the keyboard to forge his own distinctive sounds. It was during this time that he realized the boundless potential of synthesizers, which promised to revolutionize the landscape of music creation.

To fuel his passion and finance his artistic pursuits, Robert diligently delivered newspapers and worked as a DJ in local discotheques, all the while saving up every penny to invest in cutting-edge synthesizers and top-of-the-line recording equipment. Within a few short years, his gear had transformed into a professional-grade recording studio, serving as the birthplace for his early compositions.

In the serendipitous year of 1980, Robert crossed paths with Gerto Heupink, a fellow aficionado of synthesizers and recording equipment. Together, they gave rise to a musical entity known as the Future World Orchestra (FWO). From 1982 to 1985, FWO ascended the European charts, delivering a string of hits that resonated across the continent. Tracks such as “Desire,” “I’m not afraid of the Future,” “Theme from E.T.,” and “Roulette” captured the hearts of listeners far and wide.

Unfortunately, the harsh winds of the global economic downturn within the recording industry led FWO to cease their collective musical endeavors in 1987. Nevertheless, Robert continued to forge ahead as a solo artist, carrying the FWO legacy forward with unwavering determination.

During a rare live performance in Oldenzaal, Netherlands, Robert showcased his musical prowess to an enthusiastic audience.

Primarily known as a studio musician rather than a live performer, Robert’s dedication to his craft remained unwavering, even in the face of significant personal setbacks. His indomitable spirit fueled his drive to continue writing and recording music. Over the years, Robert has honed his skills and crafted numerous musical compositions for radio and television productions.

One of the notable highlights in Robert’s career was his collaboration with the talented duo Rob and Ferdi Bolland. This partnership gave birth to a remarkable project titled “Darwin – The Evolution,” a captivating CD featuring an international flair. The album boasted an impressive lineup of collaborators, including the likes of Colin Blunstone (Zombies, Alan Parsons Project), Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), the late Falco (known for “Rock me Amadeus”), and esteemed bands like Barclay James Harvest and Suzi Quattro.

In 2000, Robert unveiled “The Hidden Files,” an instrumental album brimming with synthesizer-driven tracks that he wrote and produced himself. Reminiscent of the mesmerizing soundscape crafted by legendary acts such as the Alan Parsons Project, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream, this album became a testament to Robert’s musical prowess and creative vision.