A Fresh Future

A Fresh Future

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After the musical separation of Robert and Gerto, Robert continued to producing music as he kept his recording studio up to date and maintained his effort to compose and produce new music projects.
In the new millennium Robert discovered that the Futureworld Orchestra tracks were more and more difficult to get. Dureco, the record company that signed Future World Orchestra did not exists anymore and CD’s were not manufactured any longer.

Robert: “I always felt a strong desire to continue making music with Futureworld Orchestra. and I always saw the project as a kind of real orchestra and subsequently leaving open the option for guest singers and even other musicians.”

In 2009 Robert re-recorded most of the original music of Futureworld Orchestra and this album (Regenerated) is released in April 2010.
Beside this project Robert recently released 2 new albums available as digital downloads called: HIDDEN FILES (remastered in 2009) and ORGANIZED which contains tracks partly written by Robert and partly written by other artists like: Tony Banks (Genesis), Grieg (classical composer) and Jeff Wayne.
At this moment Robert is working on several new projects. One of these projects is a CD with Futureworld Orchestra, to be called: TO THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE.
This album will contain brand new recorded tracks, written and produced by Robert. Several guest artists will appear on this album. Robert also is in the process of recording a new series of Cd’s call: GREATEST SYNTHESIZER HITS with the greatest well known tracks, from artists like: Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, etc.

Producing film music scores is one of Robert’s great desires. Robert: “It is no secret that I very much would like to get involved in producing film music scores for feature films en television productions.