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The Perseus Music Project - Text only

It was in 1978 when I read an English-language booklet for my evening study and I immediately found the story very intriguing and it instantly triggered my imagination. About this story I one day will create a true pop/rock opera.

The Greek Mythological Story of:


So over the years, in addition to all my other musical activities, I have been constantly recording, re-recording and even re-re-recording  tracks for this project. By now I expect to presumably have filled my hard drives with at least hundreds of tracks or so on the shelf collecting dust yet never to be heard except by some close friends.


Not hindered by any knowledge in the field of international top-level business in 2012 I undaunted embarked on the journey to the world’s largest international music fair the “MIDEM” in Cannes south France. Unforunately without reaching the goals I have set. (I did meet with one of my greatest inspirers Mr. Rick Wakeman by the way, which insired me to record 2 “Yes like” tracks in the following week back home again.)

Rick Wakeman

Especially for the Midem fair 2012, I then made a special trailer to basically point out the project to hotshots in the record industry in the hope of organizing funding for this project in which I had bet very ambitiously. Somehow I did not manage to convey the message of this project so it remaind silent. Until now that is!

Here is that audio trailer for you to listen to.

The PMP Basement Tapes

The release of the final “Perseus Music Project” production is scheduled for mid-summer 2024. So there is still a lot of work to do I’m afraid.

I also recently decided to release to the public domain a large portion of the demos I recorded for this, for me, most special project ever (in fact, this is my life’s work). To me, it feels like a great relief that my works are becoming public, even if they are actually still in a sketch stage.

Okay, enough chatter below you can listen to the obscure Perseus demos on BANDCAMP for the very first time.

For those who are seriously interested in the project, I have created the opportunity to become reasonably closely involved in its continued production. Sign up for the obviously free FWO Perseus Project Newsletter and I will occasionally provide you with news of interest to you. To me, your support is extremely important! Thanks in advance.

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