A Word of Celebration

In recent years, I have unfortunately been unable to devote much attention to FWO, but since I have recently reached retirement age, I find myself in the position of being able to devote myself exclusively to my most precious project ever: Futureworld Orchestra.

The fact that no new FWO material has been released recently does not mean that I have been idle. On the contrary. I think I now have several hundred demos at my disposal. Good ones, bad ones and super bad ones! I started finishing the tracks from the first category a few months ago and now most of them are even in the mixing phase. Release of these brand new tracks is imminent.

It is important to mention that with FWO I am leaving the digital domain and returning to the world of physical products. My music will be released exclusively on vinyl, CD and compact cassette. So back to the roots, the eighties.

Robert - Futureworld Orchestra